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Master's Fate (Rise of the Dominants #2) E-book

Master's Fate (Rise of the Dominants #2) E-book

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Summer Kink

I slap my roommate on the back feeling a sense of loss knowing I won’t be seeing him again until the fall semester begins. “Going to miss you, buddy.”

“Same here,” Thane answers. “I have to admit, it’s going to be odd not waking up in the middle of the night to you talking in your sleep.”

I snort in protest. “I don’t talk in my sleep.”

“Yes, you do.”

“Why are you just telling me now?”

“I didn’t want you to lose sleep over it.”

I chuckle. Thane has a subtle sense of humor. I’m glad to see him using it—it makes me proud that I’ve had that kind of influence over him, because the guy was way too serious when we first met.

“So, tell me. What do I talk about?”

Thane only answers with a smirk.

I nudge him in the ribs. “I deserve to know don’t you think?”

“Let’s just say I know where your…unique passions lie.”

“Oh, shit,” I mutter, sweeping my hair back. I wonder what the hell came out of my mouth while I was dreaming.

“Don’t worry. Your secret’s safe with me.”

His serious expression leads me to think it’s much worse than I imagine, and I laugh nervously. “Now you’ve got me worried. God only knows the crazy things my subconscious comes up with when I’m sleeping.”

“It’s demented,” Thane agrees.

I snort in amusement, trusting he’s just having a little fun with me. “Okay, out with it. What the hell do I say?”

He shakes his head slowly, a sympathetic look on his face.

“Look, I’ll wrestle it out of you if I have to.”

Thane states with confidence, “I’ll take you down if you try.”

My low laughter fills the dorm room. “Are you really trying to start something with me?”

He raises an eyebrow in challenge.

“I’m certain you’re only goading me on, but that would be foolish of you since I am the master of pranks. You’d be giving me a whole summer to plan my revenge.”

Feeling generous, I tell him, “Because you have no idea what you’re starting here, I’ll let you back out now—no harm, no foul. Just tell me what I say in my sleep.”

Instead of backing down, he answers, “What you murmur in your sleep is so perverted, it would keep your poor mother up at night.”

By mentioning my mama, Thane’s crossed a line. There’s no way I’m letting him back out now. “You really want to rumble, do ya?”

“Bring on your worst,” he challenges with a smirk.

“You do realize you’re playing with fire.”

He nods. “I happen to like it hot.”

I chuckle to myself, accepting Thane’s challenge. I’m going to get him so good that even though he knows it’s coming at some point and time, the poor bastard still won’t see it coming.

I rub my hands together, relishing the thought.

This is going to be my best damn prank yet…

I feel a flood of exhilaration as I stare out the airplane window when my plane finally lands in Denver. I’ve failed to realize how much I’ve missed the Rockies until I see them again, standing majestically in the distance.

While the ocean may be awe-inspiring, nothing beats those ragged peaks covered in snow…

To my surprise, not only does my family meet me at the airport, but also a bunch of my buddies from high school.

It does a fella’s heart good to have my posse around me.

“Brad, Brad, Brad!” a small group of my old girlfriends chant. I’m a lucky guy, because every girl I’ve ever dated still remains a good friend of mine.

To be completely frank, I love women. I don’t care what they look like, their level of popularity, body-type or race. I love the fairer sex and treat them all with the respect they deserve—I always have.

The fact that I know how to treat a lady is due to my parents, who instilled that in me at an early age. You see, my parents are the gold standard I hold all my relationships to. The day I find the woman who completes my world, I will happily settle down.

Until then…

I plan to enjoy every woman who wants to dance in the sheets with me. In my humble opinion, women are far too lovely to ignore.

I walk toward my welcome party with arms outstretched, giving my mama a hug first. She’s tiny compared to me, so I have to bend down to hug her. She looks up at me with those twinkling green eyes and smiles tenderly.

“I’ve missed you, Ma.”

“Missed you, too,” she says, her eyes tearing up as she gives me an extra tight squeeze before letting go.

I look over at my sisters and the rest of my family and friends gathered here, and I’m hit with how much their support means to me. I feel a tinge of sorrow for my friend Thane. It makes me more determined than ever to bring him home with me for Christmas this year.

Oh, shit…

It just came to me what my prank will be. Score!

Hot damn. Thane is totally in for it now.

After greeting my family, I give Sofia, the girl with the beautiful, long brown hair and mischievous glint in her eye, an extra-long hug. I whisper in her ear with a seductive growl, “I have something to show you in the barn tonight.”

After I break the embrace, she looks up at me, a grin spreading across her face as she discretely glances down at my crotch. “I can’t wait to see it.”

Little does she know I have chosen her to be the first to experience my bullwhip. Her adventurous spirit and total frankness ensure that she will be open and honest during our session together. Not all women are assertive enough to be completely honest with themselves about what they want, but Sofia is a woman bursting with confidence.

I head home with my posse in tow and they spoil me with an old-fashioned country gathering. My parents have planned a huge celebration for me, complete with a long picnic table covered in Ma’s down-home cooking.

My welcome home party includes plenty of tall tales shared by my elders, good eats, and the lively sound of my uncle’s fiddle, which causes impromptu line dancing as we finish the evening’s festivities.

Damn, I’ve missed this life.

Sofia waits patiently as all the other guests leave. I’ve had a difficult time keeping my cock in check, knowing I’m about to introduce her to my whip. There is a sensual thrill in being the first to expose her to something kinky—something she has never even considered.

Of course, there is always the risk she will say no, but that only makes it more exhilarating for me.

I love a good challenge.

Once all the other guests have gone, I casually wrap my arms around Sofia’s waist as I tell my family, “I gotta tell ya, I’ve been missing home something fierce.”

My father smiles knowingly. “I’m certain everyone has been missing you, including Rebel. Why don’t you take Sofia down to the barn to see her? I’ve got a new mare for you to check out, as well. With our herd growing, we’ve been in need of extra horsepower.”

I appreciate not only my father’s pun, but that he’s making it easy for me to spend some much-needed alone time with Sofia. “Glad to hear things are going well with the ranch, Pop.”

“We’ve seen a slow but steady increase in sales after pledging to raise our animals in an organic environment. Since it aligns with my own philosophy about raising healthy livestock, it only made sense to make the commitment. But, as you know, it has been a tough road.”

I slap him on the back. “I’m proud of you for sticking it out. Every animal deserves to be treated with care and respect.”

Pop smiles at me before giving Sofia a wink. He leads my mama into the house, offering to help her with the dishes.

I take Sofia’s hand and head toward the horse barn in the lower pasture. It’s situated far enough away from the ranch house that it will give us the privacy we need to enjoy ourselves. As we walk hand in hand, I mention with a grin, “You probably think you know what I want to show you.”

She stares at my growing hard-on stretching the material of my jeans and her lips curve into a smile. “You’ve made it quite obvious, Brad.”

I stop for a moment, looking deep into her eyes. “I want to try something new. Something that’s kind of kinky.”

“Ooh…I like the sound of that.” She squeezes my hand confidently, her eyes flashing with excitement.

As soon as I open the barn door, the horses greet us with low nickers. I head straight to my mare. She starts prancing excitedly in place as I approach. “Miss me, girl?”

She lowers her head so I can pet her, nickering with pleasure as I caress her face with both hands.

“Yeah, I’ve missed you, too.”

Sofia stands back, observing our reunion and laughs softly. “I’m not sure whether to feel jealous or not.”

I chuckle, kissing the soft area above Rebel’s upper lip. “No need to feel jealous. I was six when I had the privilege of seeing this filly born. Pop spoiled me that night by giving her to me.”

“Wow, that must be the longest relationship you’ve ever had with a girl,” Sofia teases. “No wonder I’m jealous.”

I laugh. Grabbing Sofia around the waist, I pull her to me. “Want to know a secret?”

She glances up at me, grinning. “Sure.”

“Her name isn’t really Rebel. Pop gave her that name because he insisted that she sound like a respectable working horse.”

“What’s her real name?”

“Hot Chocolate,” I answer with a wink.

Sofia looks at my mare and coos. “That’s so darn cute.”

I pet Hot Chocolate’s nose again as I explain, “That night in the barn, I told my pop that she was the color of hot chocolate and that’s what I wanted to name her.”

“And he said no?”

“Yep. The ranch hands would have given me all kinds of grief if I called her that, so I totally understand Pop’s reasoning on the name change. However, I have a stubborn streak a mile long and always call her Hot Chocolate in private.” I press my cheek against the mare’s cheek, rubbing behind her ears just the way she likes it. “It’s been our little secret even since, hasn’t it, girl?”

She nickers again, turning her head so I can reach both ears.

The horse in the next stall starts pawing the ground and huffing, wanting attention. I glance over and see Pop has purchased a roan mare. I look back at Hot Chocolate and chuckle. “Got yourself a new roomie, huh? Let me guess. She’s a bit too serious…”

I laugh, giving Hot Chocolate one more rub before I give the new horse a pat on the nose. Then, I turn my full attention on Sofia.

“So, what exactly is your kinky proposal?” she asks lustfully, sidling up next to me.

“Before I say another word, I must kiss those luscious lips.” I push her against the barn wall, pressing my growing erection against her. “I have waited too long to taste this succulent mouth…”

As I slowly lean down to give her a passionate kiss, I suddenly hear a bunch of girlish kissing noises behind me.

Damn, I’ve just been cockblocked.

I turn to see my three sisters standing there with smirks on their faces. I shake my head slowly.


When Sofia sees them, however, she totally freezes. Looking up at me, she asks in the barest of whispers, “You want me to do it with…them?”

I burst out laughing. “Oh, hell no!”

I glance back at the giggling trio, stating as I shoo them toward the door, “You are about to leave, aren’t you, girls?”

“But, Brad, we just wanted to watch you make kissy face with Sofia,” Christina teases.

“Not happening,” I tell her as I gently shove my youngest sister out the barn door.

“You spoil all our fun…” Ruthie complains as I guide her out, too.

I glance at Megan, the oldest of the three. She happens to be sporting a wicked grin. I suspect she’s the one who put the other two up to this.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, big brother…” she tells me as she leaves.

I shut the barn doors behind her, then turn back to Sofia, concerned that their intrusion has just ruined our evening adventures.

“I don’t suppose you’re still in the mood?”

She wraps her arms around my waist. “I’m always in the mood for your kisses.”

“Oh, I like that answer…” I growl as I kiss her, letting loose the passion that has been building the entire evening.

She purrs when I pull away. “Damn it, Brad. I forgot just how weak your kisses make me. I’m afraid I’d say yes to almost anything—even your sisters.”

My low chuckle fills the barn as I brush my finger against her lower lip. “What I have planned is just between you and me.” I kiss her again, groaning when she opens her lips and my tongue enters her mouth.

God, I could take her right now. But I’ve been waiting too long to introduce her to my whip, so I command my cock to be patient.

As if reading my mind, Sofia asks with a seductive smile, “So, cowboy, what kinky thing do you want to show me?”

Read more in Master's Fate, the second book in the Rise of the Dominants trilogy.

Three sizzling Doms, one lucky woman…

Glee visits the dungeon at night to explore her kinkier side, but things really heat up when three Doms start vying for her attention.

Master Anderson, the humorous cowboy whose skill with the bullwhip elicits pure pleasure.

Sir Davis, the mysterious one, who drives her wild with his touch.

Rytsar, the charming sadist who pushes the limits of pain and pleasure.

Three Doms set on fanning her passion…


At the dungeon, Master Anderson takes Glee from one sexy scene to another determined to claim her as his own.

He may be a new Dominant, but he aims to give her something she’s never experienced before.

The others simply crave her submission—but he wants more.

The 2nd book in the Rise of the Dominants collection, a prequel trilogy set before the events of Brie's Submission. Discover what made your favorite Doms into the men they are. Delivered directly to your email via Bookfunnel. To make sure you get access to your book as quickly as possible, please whitelist

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