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Meeting My Forever (The Brothers Macallan #1) E-book

Meeting My Forever (The Brothers Macallan #1) E-book

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In the smallest towns you find the biggest hearts.

When Avery visits the small town of Crested Butte, she only has a short time to decide if she will put down roots here as their new librarian or return home. As charmed as she is by the mountain town and the kind people there, it's a chance encounter with a kitten and a handsome fireman that really make an impression on her heart.

The Macallan family is a pillar of the Crested Butte community, but they've got a reputation for being eternally single. Lance is no stranger to relationships. As the youngest Macallan and a fireman, he's an extremely eligible bachelor in the small town. But no woman has ever made him want to settle down. When he meets a cute out-of-towner while rescuing an adorable kitten, the life he knows is about to be shaken to its core.

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