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Whispered Promises (Brie's Submission #24) Signed Book

Whispered Promises (Brie's Submission #24) Signed Book

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Get the paperback of Whispered Promises, signed by Red Phoenix.

Whispered Promises (Brie’s Submission Book 24)

“With your body and your touch, teach me once more…”

As a submissive, Brie knows all about control. The beauty of giving her power to another satisfies her soul. But she has made dangerous enemies, and one of them has come to claim her.

Brie comes to question everything she knows when her power is stripped away and the once strong condor is reduced to a songbird.

But nothing is as fierce as her mate—and he will not stop until he finds her!

Brie knows the love of a condor never falters, and the bonds of the Training Center last a lifetime. She will depend on both as she revisits her past teachers to gain clarity and strength.

Ready to face her greatest challenge, Brie must fight hard to reclaim her power and soar again.

*Please note signed books will not be personalized but will have a message.

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