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The Russian Unleashed (Unleashed) E-book

The Russian Unleashed (Unleashed) E-book

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Heading into Battle

I’m just about to turn twenty-one and I’m seriously itching for a good fight.

Pounding loudly on the door, I call out Thane’s name and refuse to stop until he opens it. I watch with amusement as my best friend rubs his eyes.

“Good God, man! Do you realize what time it is?”

“I do, comrade.” I grin.

“The sun’s not even up yet. Have you no consideration for my poor aunt and uncle?”

“I warned them yesterday I was coming.”

Thane frowns. “And, yet, you failed to tell me.”

“What would be the fun in that?” I laugh.

“Fun, he says…” Thane shakes his head as he starts to close the door on me.

I put my foot out to stop it as I grab his arm and yank him outside. “We’re leaving.”

“No. We are not!”

Thane tries to break the grip I have on his arm, but my hold is too tight. “There is no point in resistance, moy droog.”

“Damn it, Durov,” he growls looking down at his sweatpants. “I’m not even dressed.”

“Doesn’t matter.”

Thane jerks his arm away. “Well, it matters to me.”

I grasp both his shoulders and look him dead in the eyes. “Do you remember the night I dragged you out of the dorm and introduced you to the dungeon?”


“Today is like that, moy droog. You either come now or lose out on the experience of a lifetime.”

He rolls his eyes. “Why must everything you do be so damn dramatic?”

I punch him in the shoulder. “Are you coming?”

He sighs with exasperation. “I’m not wearing a shirt.”

I look at his bare chest and state sarcastically, “Lucky me.”

Thane throws a jab at my gut, but I’m much too quick and he misses.

“So, are you coming or not?”

In the back hallway, his uncle calls out, “Go with him, Thane. You only live once.”

Thane chuckles, conceding defeat. “Fine, Unc. I’ll let the crazy Russian abduct me, but if I wind up missing, it’s on your head.”

His uncle’s laughter fills the hallway as Thane shuts the door behind him. “I hope I don’t live to regret this.”

I throw back my head and laugh. He has no idea what he’s just agreed to.

Walking over to the vehicle, I wait as my driver hastily opens the door for me. Then I gesture for Thane to get in.

When he hesitates, I ask, “Do you trust me, comrade?”

Glancing at me, he shakes his head but, to his credit, he climbs in.

I slide into the vehicle after him and chuckle. “There’s no turning back now, moy droog.”

As the vehicle pulls out, I sit back and fold my arms, staring at Thane in satisfaction.

“Where exactly are we headed, Durov?”

I smirk in answer. The sadist in me enjoys the fact that he has no idea what the next twenty-four hours will hold.

“Pompous ass,” Thane grumbles.

I like how feisty my comrade is early in the morning.

Driving toward the airport, I see a disheveled man curled up on the sidewalk as I look out the window. A jogger running past him takes no notice, but I feel a strong connection to the man—I could be him but for fate.

I glance at Thane sitting beside me. Although I have four brothers by blood in Russia, the only one who deserves to be by my side on this auspicious day is my brother by choice.

I literally owe Thane my life. It is a debt I can never repay.

Gratitude washes over me, and I look back at the homeless man disappearing in the distance. I lean over to the driver, giving him instructions to return after dropping us off. Pulling out my wallet, I drop a wad of cash on the front seat.

The driver glances at it. “Who should I say it’s from?”

“Simply say that fate has not forgotten him.”

“Yes, gospodin.”

Thane shakes his head, an amused look on his face.

“What?” I demand.

“Here I am, wanting to strangle the life out of you, and you go and do something like that.”

I shrug. “It’s nothing.”

“Not true. It will mean everything to the man.”

“Have you ever listened to the song “O’ Fortuna”, comrade?” I ask. “It is a personal favorite of mine.”

Thane nods. “I’m familiar with the piece.

“Then you understand the sobering truth. Nothing in this life is guaranteed.”

Thane offers me a slight smile. “I don’t agree.”

I cock my head. “Name one thing.”

“My loyalty to you.”

His answer hits me in the gut and leaves me mute for a moment. I nod to him, unable to dispute his claim. “Well played, brother.”

For the first time since dragging him out of his uncle’s house, Thane actually smiles.

Twenty minutes later, when the driver pulls up to the airstrip, I point with pride to the private jet.

Thane stares at it in disbelief. “You rented a private jet?”

He has no idea of the immense wealth of my Russian family. “Nyet. This was a personal gift from my grandfather.”

Thane shakes his head as he climbs the stairs. Once inside, he lets out an appreciative whistle. “Damn, Durov. You really are an aristocrat.”

I glance at the spacious cabin with carpeted floor and oversized white leather lounge chairs and grin. “Da.”

I slap him hard on the back, “And you are truly a peasant.”

“Asshole,” he snarls good-naturedly.

Thane’s countenance changes the moment my stewardess, Rada, appears. She is a striking woman in her late thirties.

Her presence suddenly reminds him of his state of dress—or lack thereof—and he nonchalantly covers his naked chest with one hand.

“Can I get you a drink, Mr. Davis?”

I find the blush on his cheeks amusing.

“No, thank you,” he mutters, trying to keep a dignified stance.

When she turns to me, I immediately answer, “I’ll have a shot of vodka, Rada.

Thane snorts. “Isn’t it a little early to be drinking?”

“Not at all, comrade.”

I nod to Rada, adding, “Make it two.”

“My pleasure, gospodin.” She bows her head slightly before hurrying to pour the drinks.

Thane raises an eyebrow as he looks down at his watch. “Double fisting it before six in the morning?”

“It’s four in the afternoon in my motherland.”

“Wait…are we flying to Russia?”

My grin widens. “We are.”

Thane shakes his head, frowning. “I have to be at work on Monday. It’s not like I can travel on a whim like you. I have a new job, damn it! I need to make a good impression.”

“Relax, peasant,” I assure him, leisurely wrapping my arm around his shoulder. “I will get you back in plenty of time for work.”

“Why are you taking me to Russia?” he demands.

The captain comes out to inform me that the jet has been cleared for take-off and we should take our seats.

As I take my seat next to Thane, I tell him in a serious tone, “The will is being read, moy droog.”


“Tomorrow, actually. You and I have a long flight ahead.”

He stares at me in silence as the jet races down the runway. I know he understands how significant this is for me.

I listen to the drone of the engines as the aircraft lifts into the air. At that moment, the first rays of sunlight break over the horizon.

The moment the jet levels off, Thane turns to me and asks in concern, “Are you certain you want me there?”

I look him square in the eye. “Of course. You are my brother.”

“Won’t your family object?”

“It won’t be an issue, moy droog. I’ve instructed the lawyer to read the will to them separately.”

Thane lets out a troubled sigh. “I can only imagine how well that is going to go over.”

I grin, amused by his concern. Taking the glasses from Rada, I hand him one. “This is going to be an entertaining weekend.”

Thane takes the shot from me and swirls the vodka in the glass while staring at it uncertainly. “I was serious when I said it’s too early for me to drink.”

“It’s never too early for vodka.” Lifting my glass, I give a proper Russian toast. “Let our tables break from abundance and our beds break from love.”

Chuckling, he is unable to resist such a fine toast and lifts his glass.

The two of us down the smooth vodka and I close my eyes in gratitude. The warmth of the alcohol travels down my throat and into my soul.

I hear Thane choke a little and smile to myself.

On cue, the stewardess offers us a small plate of pickles. We both grab one and I take a bite, unable to contain my excitement. “I have a huge surprise, moy droog.”

He laughs. “What? There’s more?”

Da!” I stand up and take his empty glass, handing it to Rada. “Come with me, comrade.”

Thane hastily licks his fingers after finishing the pickle and stands up. I lead him to the enclosed room at the far end of the jet and instruct him to open the door.

He looks at me warily before turning the handle and opening it. The shocked expression on his face makes me chuckle.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. This plane has a king-sized bed?”

“My grandfather insisted on a good night’s sleep whenever he traveled. But, me? I have other uses for a room like this.” I point to the St. Andrew’s cross that I had recently installed.

“A lot of good that does you when you fly alone,” he jokes.

“Exactly.” I snap my fingers and a set of identical twins get up from where they were all but invisible kneeling beside the bed. As they walk up to me and bow, I look at their naked bodies with a sense of pride.

They are true beauties, each in her own right.

I reach down and cup their chins, tilting their faces up so I can gaze into their eyes as I tell Thane, “Manya and Panya have agreed to fulfill our darkest desires.”

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Rytsar Unleashed!

I am a simple man. I love fine vodka, whips, and beautiful women.

And I have a secret.

At twenty-one, I’ve just inherited my family's entire fortune.

Young, rich, and powerful, I am a force to be reckoned with -
in and out of the bedroom.

But the streets of Russia are dangerous.

When innocence is threatened, I risk my life to save a girl.

Now the Bratva have their sights set on me.

I did not ask to be a hero, but I refuse to back down.

I will fight to the end to protect the honor of the woman I love.

I am Rytsar Durov.

They have no idea what they have unleashed!

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