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The Russian Reborn (Rise of the Dominants #3) E-book

The Russian Reborn (Rise of the Dominants #3) E-book

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Kinky Celebrations

Hell, yes!

I’ve just aced my last final, completing my sophomore year of college, and now I crave some serious celebration. This last semester kicked my ass with all the damn projects and papers I had to wade through.

While I’ve had no problem understanding the material, I can’t stomach all the busy work my professors have subjected me to this year. It’s no surprise to me when I’m the first student to walk out of class after successfully completing my last final.

Heading off to my best friend’s dorm building, I get on the phone. I want to make certain everything is set for the afternoon I have planned before I knock on his door. When Thane doesn’t answer, I knock even harder.

I know he’s in there but, for some strange reason, the guy has been acting like a recluse for the past week. “Open up, comrade. I need to speak with you.”

I smile in satisfaction when the doorknob slowly turns. As soon as the door swings open, I grab Thane’s shirt, pulling him out into the hallway.

“What the hell?” he growls in protest, trying to break away from my tight grip.

“Enough of this hiding. We’re heading out.”

“The fuck I am,” he states, attempting to drag me back into his room. He struggles but can’t break my grasp because this Russian isn’t budging.

“Your best friend just completed a semester from hell. It is your duty to entertain me,” I tell him.

Thane shakes his head, his voice becoming serious. “I suggest you find someone else. I’d only bring you down today.”

“I won’t take no for an answer.”

I start dragging him toward the elevator. When he tries to fight against me, I remind him, “Remember the night I invited you to the dungeon for the first time? You reacted this way and we both know how that turned out.”

Thane stops resisting and actually cracks a smile. “Fine. Just let me lock the damn door and get my tools for the dungeon.”

“The dungeon isn’t open for another six hours,” I inform him, amused he’s forgotten that.

Thane laughs at himself. “Hell, I’ve lost all track of time.”

“What’s going on with you?”

He shakes his head. “If it’s my duty to entertain you today, we’ll talk about that later.”

I want to press him on the issue, but I am too wound up. “Fine. We’ll discuss it tomorrow—because, right now, it’s time to party!”

Thane smiles, but I know it’s forced because it doesn’t reach his eyes.

Luckily, I can remedy that, and smack him hard on the back. “You won’t need your tools where we’re going, comrade. I have arranged something extraordinary for us.”

I drive him to our destination without informing him where we’re headed. As we pull up, he gives me a confused look. “Wait. Isn’t this glee’s place?”

“It is,” I answer with a smirk.

“Is she back?” he asks hopefully.

Nyet, comrade. Glee is never coming back.”

I note the disappointment on his face, but I understand. Glee was a special girl and that fivesome we had together before we sent her off to explore the world is something I will never forget.

But life marches on.

I give him a mischievous smile, knowing the fun ahead for us. “Trust me. You won’t miss glee today.”

Giving him no further explanation, I head toward the house. I’m encouraged when he follows behind me.

Ringing the doorbell, we’re greeted with nervous giggles on the other side of the door.

I glance sideways at Thane. “They sound anxious. That pleases me.”

He chuckles. “Of course it would, you sadist.”

The door opens and four scantily clad girls stand before us, their faces covered with veils of various colors.

They lower their eyes in respect.

“Thank you for coming, Rytsar,” the four say in unison.

“I haven’t come yet,” I correct them.

Glee’s former roommates twitter in response. Thane and I have scened individually with all four submissives at the dungeon, but this will be the first time we’ve played together as a group.

The fact that this is taking place in their home, instead of the dungeon, makes this interaction even more intimate.

The girls turn their attention to Thane, speaking as one. “Sir Davis, we are honored you’ve agreed to join us today.”

Thane glances at me, unsure of what I have planned. It’s understandable he feels nervous, seeing how I’m a sadist. However, today is all about indulgence. I deserve it after the months of hell I’ve been through—and so does my friend.

Surprised they haven’t invited me in yet, I glance around and shrug.

Shade bows, while the other three subs, luna, vixen and indigo, look embarrassed by the oversight. “Rytsar, we welcome you into our home.”

The girls part so that we can enter, and then all four kneel on the floor and bow to us as if we are kings.

“Your will is our pleasure,” luna states reverently, looking up at me, her sapphire eyes enhanced by the copper veil she wears.

“Show me the room you’ve prepared,” I command.

Luna stands gracefully, gesturing to the back room. “We have everything ready for you, Rytsar,” she states with a subtle undertone of pride which is characteristic of a devoted submissive.

I nod to Thane before heading down the hallway behind her.

I whistle in appreciation when I walk into the room. The girls have outdone themselves, transforming the large bedroom into an oasis of pleasure. Gossamer fabric cascades from the center of the ceiling to all four walls, and the floor is covered in colorful pillows of every shape and size.

Instead of a bed, a low-set table is set in the center of the room with all my favorite tools lined up in neat rows, including my cat o’ nines.

When Thane joins me, along with the other girls, I ask him, “Aren’t you glad I invited you, comrade?” Leaning in, I whisper, “It’s so much better than brooding in your dorm room.”

He bumps his shoulder against mine and cracks a smile.

I knew I could bring him out of his funk!

Looking back at the girls, my cock swells with desire. There is nothing more captivating than the submission of four women at the same time. The fact that Thane is here with me makes it that much more entertaining.

Since he is here as my guest, I ask, “What would you like to begin with first?”

He looks down at the four kneeling girls and chuckles lightly. “The possibilities are endless.”

Da, they are, comrade,” I agree, placing my hand on his shoulder. “Tell me something you have yet to experience.”

Read more in The Russian Reborn, the third book in the Rise of the Dominants trilogy.

Rytsar Durov is a passionate man...

Seducing women – he’s a natural. Pleasing women – his talents speak for themselves.

A sadist known for his talent with the cat o’ nines, Rytsar enjoys his popularity with submissives at the dungeon, and is caught off guard by the fire-hot attraction he feels for Samantha, a young Domme.

He knows better than to test those waters, but damn…he just can’t resist her.

When two sexy Dominants collide in the bedroom, passions ignite!
But will Rytsar’s heart survive the inferno it creates?

The 3rd book in the Rise of the Dominants collection, a prequel trilogy set before the events of Brie's Submission. Discover what made your favorite Doms into the men they are. Delivered directly to your email via Bookfunnel. To make sure you get access to your book as quickly as possible, please whitelist

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