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A Master's Destiny (Unleashed) E-book

A Master's Destiny (Unleashed) E-book

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First Day of Training

Is it possible to fail as a Dominant?

When I pull into the parking lot at the Training Center, I feel a prickling sensation crawl across my scalp as that thought takes over. My nerves suddenly kick in as I turn off my car and stare blankly at the brick building.

My fear surprises me. Unlike many of the trainees attending the class tonight, I’m not new to the world of BDSM.

No, a few years ago when I was in college, my Russian friend, Anton Durov, opened my eyes to the life he led in secret. His introduction exposed me to a whole new world.

Although I have been enjoying BDSM clubs for several years now, I’m a perfectionist at heart. So, when I learned about the Dominant Training Center, I was eager to apply.

I know I still have a lot to learn as a Dominant, and what better way to improve my skills than to do so under the watchful gaze of experienced experts well versed in a variety of tools and techniques?

The opportunity to be mentored by four highly respected Dominants will put me lightyears ahead of where I would be on my own, and it’s something I can’t pass up.

However, the course isn’t cheap, and it will require all of my free time outside of work if I am to succeed in the coming six weeks.

The instructors here have warned me that this course will test my strength and resolve as a Dominant, but I am ready to meet the challenge, which is why my current state of unease comes as a shock to me.

Rather than allow doubts to derail me, I force myself out of the car and straighten my suit jacket.

A pompous-looking guy with a golden tan and long blond hair gives me a condescending look as he strolls past. His shirt is unbuttoned, showing off his muscular chest. He looks as if he’s just come from the beach after a day of surfing. Glancing at my car, he sneers, “Nice wheels.”

I gaze affectionately at the old sedan my uncle gave me as a graduation gift after college. Although the silver car is covered in scratches and small dents from years of use, she has never failed to get me where I need to go. Unashamed of the car I’ve nicknamed Motivation, I give her a loving pat, and murmur, “Don’t listen to the prick.”

I look up and watch the guy head to the entrance, walking with a cocky swagger as if he owns the place.

Shaking my head, I chuckle to myself. I’d love to see where we are ten years from now…

I have big plans for my future.

Straightening the collar of my suit, I head toward the unassuming brick building that houses both a business college and the world-renowned Training Center on its lower level. No one passing by this college would ever suspect the kinky curriculum being taught inside its walls.

My nervousness starts to abate the moment I stop to open the entrance door for the young woman with strawberry blonde hair walking behind me.

She looks me up and down with a flirtatious smile and murmurs, “Nice suit,” as she passes by me.

I nod in response, intrigued by the spark of chemistry between us. I continue to watch her as she makes her way through the large foyer and heads to a hall lined with business classrooms. She turns her head and glances back at me coyly before disappearing into the crowd.

Glancing down at my watch, I head directly to the reception desk. Rachael, a staple of the Training Center, bows her head slightly as I approach. “Good evening, Mr. Davis.”

She knows me because I’ve come several times as an observer to watch classes at the Submissive Training Center at the invitation of Marquis Gray, who happens to be a trainer here.

“It’s a pleasure to see you again, Miss Dunningham,” I reply casually, even though the nerves have started up again. This is the first time I’ve come as a student of the school, and it feels distinctly different.

Rachael responds with an engaging smile. “You’ll want to take the elevator down and go to the hallway to your right. You’ll find your classroom at the end of that hall.” Her smile widens when she adds, “Enjoy your first class, Mr. Davis.”

I nod in thanks and start toward the elevator. I’m here tonight because I was personally invited to join this session of the Dominant Training Class. I understand how fortunate I am, considering the waiting list for applicants is already a year out.

I remind myself of that as I step into the elevator. I feel more confident about the night ahead and am determined to meet whatever challenges the trainers throw at me. But, just as the doors begin to shut, I hear a familiar voice command, “Hold the doors.”

I immediately reach out to stop the elevator doors from closing and watch as Marquis Gray enters. He gazes at me with those dark, penetrating eyes before nodding curtly. “Sir Davis.”

I clear my throat, and respond in a formal tone, “Marquis Gray.”

The man is tall but has a thin build and unusually pale skin. Marquis Gray has a powerful aura that commands respect whether you personally know him or not.

He is well respected in the BDSM community for his talent and skill. However, he is best known for his uncanny ability to see straight into a person’s soul with those dark eyes. Besides being a pillar in the community, he is also one of the trainers at the exclusive Submissive Training Center.

Ever since it opened its doors a little over ten years ago, the Center has become world-renowned for its unique program and the exceptional quality of its submissives. To this day, the Center has continued to produce top-notch students.

It was due to the Submissive Training Center’s unprecedented success that they were recently able to launch the Dominant Training course. I owe Marquis Gray because he was the one who personally invited me to join this session.

I hope to prove his confidence in me is justified.

“Are you prepared for this evening?” Marquis asks, staring straight ahead as the elevator heads down.

“I believe so.”

He nods without turning his head, but I catch the slight smirk on his lips. I get the feeling Marquis Gray doesn’t think I am.

When he steps out of the elevator, I hear him say quietly, “Follow your instincts.”

Before I can respond, Marquis Gray takes an abrupt left and heads toward the Submissive wing of the building.

I scan the large commons area briefly and take a deep breath, mulling over his words. Then I turn in the opposite direction as Marquis Gray and head to the Dominant wing of the school.

My excitement builds with each step I take. I know this Dominant training course is going to change my life. I can feel it in my bones.

Read more in A Master's Destiny.

“Destiny is calling…”

I’ve known the love of a father, the betrayal of a mother, and the unbearable pain of loss.

I am unwilling to be hurt again, but I’m a man who enjoys exploring a woman’s desires to the fullest.

Fate has a way of unraveling your plans. For me it begins at the world-renowned Training Center…

My insatiable curiosity and talent for teaching draws the attention of the experienced trainers. What begins as a simple class to become a skilled Master will take me on a journey full of provocative twists and turns.

Destiny is calling me, but I must risk everything to answer the call.

A standalone companion to Brie's Submission, experience a defining moment in the life of Sir Davis, the headmaster himself. Delivered directly to your email via Bookfunnel. To make sure you get access to your book as quickly as possible, please whitelist

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